Get Cornering! RoSPA Advanced Motorcycle Training and Cornering Skills

Improving our motorcycling skills is an investment in our enjoyment as well as our safety. Additionally, motorcycling skills are perishable and require refreshing on a regular basis to keep us at our best, and safest. Can any of us really afford NOT to refresh our skills and learn a few new ones? No, is the honest answer. Being a motorcyclist generally makes a better car driver but, it doesn’t make a better motorcyclist!

How can Motorcycle Roadcraft help you become a better rider? Here’s a short extract from the early pages…

Motorcycle Roadcraft is the handbook for police riders undertaking police rider training. In police training Motorcycle Roadcraft is combined with practical instruction.

To be a great rider, you will need to have professional instruction accompanied with study……….

We provide advanced riding courses for RoSPA Skills – days and half days

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